About Us

Lil’Issa Family Day Care offers flexible and affordable home-based care and learning services for children from birth to 14 years of age.


We understand how important communication is to your family about day to day activities and your child’s progress through our program.


At Lil’Issa Family Day Care sustainability is incorporated into our curriculum and our way of life. We are committed to educating and inspiring…

Just Like Home

Family Day Care Educator provide care in their own homes as a result the environment is design to feel familiar and just like home for your child.

Play As You Learn

Dress up day

invite children to dress up as their favourite character, costume or host a themed day e.g. pirate and fairie…

Cultural diversity

share and celebrate the different cultures of the children through stories, food and art and craft projects…

Special Friends Day

we invite parents, grandparents, gaurdians or special friends to come along to for the day to participate…

When I Grow Up I Want 2b

invite parents or community workers e.g. police office, fireman, etc. to come and speak about their careers…

Build a Library

encourage parents and children to donate a book from home – other children will then be lent the books…

The Things We Love

children paint or paste their favourite things or people they love onto a big mural artwork and then display…


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