Here are some ideas for educators, families and playgroups:

  • Open Day – invite parents / families to come and visit and learn about what you have to offer
  • Dress up day – invite children to dress up as their favourite character from a book, or in their favourite costume or host a themed day e.g. pirate and fairie
  • Cultural diversity – share the different cultures of the children through stories, food and art and craft projects
  • Get kids active – invite parents to attend a morning or afternoon of active fun
  • Special Friends Day – invite parents, grandparents or special friends to come to for the day
  • Breakfast / morning tea at kinder – invite parents, grandparents or special friends to join the children for breakfast or morning tea
  • Art Exhibition – exhibit the children’s art and craft
  • When I Grow Up I Want to Be…Day – invite parents to speak about their careers or local community workers such as firemen or police officers to come and chat about what they do at work
  • My Favourite Book Day – invite children to bring their favourite book and dress up as their favourite character
  • Tree Planting Day – children can plant a tree and then look after ‘their’ tree for the rest of the year
  • Hold a talent show where children can perform for their families and each other
  • The Things We Love – get your children to paint or paste their favourite things or people they love onto a big mural artwork and then display them
  • Build a Library or Book Borrowing Program – encourage parents and children to donate a book from home – the books collected will then be lent to other children
  • Information Sessions – conduct information sessions for parents on the value of learning through play, on what to expect or promoting an interest in reading to their children
  • Celebrate Success – create a mural that depicts favourite things and strengths
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